Entertainment AIDS Alliance (EAA) is a volunteer group of industry professionals formed in 1989 to respond to the urgent need for funding AIDS service providers. Over eighty-eight percent of funds raised are distributed to qualifying HIV/AIDS research and healthcare organizations nationwide.

steve_tisch“The world has come a long way toward the realization

In Los Angeles, no one has worked harder or
more effectively than the Entertainment AIDS Alliance
to wage this war by providing grants
for urgent social services…
and by raising awareness in an industry
that is uniquely well-positioned to bring
this disease to the attention of the world.”

Steve Tisch
Academy Award Winning Producer & Chairman,
New York Giants

Who We Are

Why Care about HIV/AIDS?

[acc_item title=”IT’S NOT OVER”]8,000 people still die of AIDS every day, while millions more with HIV may lose a third of their life spans. The attitude that AIDS is merely a “treatable disease” risks dismissing the severity of a still growing epidemic. New treatments have improved the lives of people living with HIV, but these treatments are not a cure, do not work for all, and their long term effects are unknown. The AIDS “stigma” also dangerously silences dialogue in communities where education, testing and treatment are critical.
[acc_item title=”SIX DEGREES”]It affects the fabric of your community more than you know — from newborns and orphans to teens and men and women of all walks of life. In the US, HIV is particularly on the rise in African American and Latino communities. Programs nationwide require ongoing support to drive awareness, education, prevention, treatment and more. Abroad, HIV is a crucial factor in developing countries where Western advances offer the most hope.[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”THE FUTURE”]As private and public healthcare options emerge, advocacy must remain loud and clear to ensure access to and affordability of treatments.[/acc_item]








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